Professional Videos Are A Must In Today’s Social Media World

It’s a whole new world out there these days, and companies are struggling to stay on top of all the new media available to them. One of the fastest growing segments is that of video production. In the past, a company might hire a firm specializing in camera crews los angeles to film a training video or a grand opening, but these days, there are so many other reasons why it’s necessary to hire a camera crew.

YouTube – Changing the way the world markets, YouTube used to be just a cool place to put your home videos out for the public to see. Now, however, it’s a major marketing venue, requiring camera crews to produce videos an audience will really want to watch. The competition is great in the marketplace and hiring a kid with a video app on his phone is just not going to cut it. Instead, firms need specialty crews who are familiar with all the state-of-the-art equipment and have access to use them. With YouTube experiencing over 1 billion visitors each month, it’s the number two search engine behind Google and the third most popular website in the world, behind Facebook. To stay current and capture the most traffic, a business needs to have videos on this site.


Sizzle Reel – If you haven’t heard of these, you should have. Most people know them as highlight reels, and they’re one of the fastest growing brand marketing tools around. What is the sizzle reel? It’s a short video, approximately five minutes long, used to inform and excite viewers about a business’ brand.

With multiple uses, these high quality videos are used in b2b communications, or can be released as part of a press kit or fund raising attempt. Lastly, they’re frequently utilized as a sales tool, drawing in customers when posted on YouTube or Facebook. These are extremely useful tools to garner positive attention about your firm, but must be a quality product to gain the type of attention most companies desire. That’s why it’s important to use video camera crews in san francisco or Los Angeles to produce the type of video you need.


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